Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My accident

21st Nov 2006 was the day of my car accident. Luckily I survived... my car did not ;) ... although I did have serious injuries. I have fully recovered though now and I am very happy and appreciate every day more.


Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that the pain and memories of the car accident has nurtured you to someone that has a God Fearing nature deep inside your heart as i had undergone such experience and it has indeed changed the way i view life and my focus during my five daily prayers has improved tremendously...

May Allah shower you with His blessings, taufiq and hidayah..Amiin..

Anonymous said...

I've had my accident experience back in yr 2000. But, mine not as bad as yours. Awy, my life is more meaningful then. Take care, girl.


Bell said...

Alhamdulillah..tak terjadi apa2 pd julia but semua itu ada rahmatnya,kan?Syukur pada Allah yg memanjangkan usia Julia dan memberi kesempatan untuk Julia membina kehidupan yang lebih teratus and happening..
Tk Cr and bye

Anonymous said...

Abg Riezal baru tahu blog julia nie... Alhamdulilah Julia xde apa2.. u take care