Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Crayon The Movie" by Zioss Films

ADAM and RAFAAT are room-mates studying in a prestigious University in Singapore. Adam an Asean scholar is a Chinese Malaysian over achiever and Rafaat is a Malay Singaporean who's an IT genius. On the surface you see them being on opposites sides of the spectrum but in reality, the more different we are, the more similar we tend to be. They represent the nexus of unity, tolerance and acceptance between races and are most evident in their friendship.

During their studies, they are both required to volunteer for a social program during their term holidays and they decide to be volunteer workers for an orphanage in Malaysia. Then off they go to the east coast of Malaysia where they meet MAK ENGKU, the caring and lovely matron of the Orphanage. They meet AFIQ, one of the most rambunctious and loveable orphan whose sense of adventure and zest for life gives them a new appreciation for living. While there, they also meet other orphans and see that despite hardships and difficulties, they realize the true meaning of unconditional love and find true purpose in helping them improve their lives.

Their sense of security is threatened by unscrupulous land developers who will stop at nothing to obtain the orphanage land for their own nefarious purposes. The guys decide to help out more by holding a charity concert in aid of the orphanage but the unthinkable happens. The orphanage gets burnt down.

This shocking turn of events leads them to question and doubt their new sense of purpose. With nothing but heartache and despair, the meaning of their friendship comes into question. Will all their hard work be forever mired by this tragedy? Can their friendship stand the test of adversity or will they lose all hope?

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