Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Maskulin" - A Valentine Date with me!

The February 2008 issue of Maskulin magazine is in newstands now. There's something special ! A Valentine's Day promosi.....

Get your copy of the magazine. Register for a chance to win a Valentine date with me!

(The only Bahasa Malaysia magazine that caters to the needs of today’s modern men. Packed with insightful information on grooming techniques, fashion, fitness, health, psychology and other relevant issues related to the metropolitan male lifestyle.)

Foto: Ahmad Jumain Mokhtar (Jay)
Photo Courtesy Kumpulan Karangkraf Sdn Bhd


Anonymous said...

u so so pretty. i wish that i can have gf juz like u :) said...

Miss Ziegler, i just watched the video. good points, ;) Valentine's Day is too general to define as to be with lovers only. families are loved one too. good points there. thumbs up! and how i love ur hearty laughs =D