Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Psiko Psikik" - Telemovie

Shooting starts this week for this new telemovie.

See some of the behind the scenes shots in my uniform !


Ain @ facebook.com/ainhassan said...

HI... are you Julia Ziegler?

After many dramas, movies and others, does Julia still face nervousness? I wish to get some tips (maybe in terms of mindset).

You need to have peace of mind (not nervous, worried & stuff) before you could actually focus and memorise scripts, right?. So how did you do it?

PS: I would really really appreciate it if you could reply me at:

Thank you. :)

cikaizer said...

is this the real deal or...just plain kooks..hopefully its the real deal...coz i just hate kooks

bcoz im really a big fan and love ur movies and drama series..