Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Julia Ziegler leads in "Teman Selamanya"
By Wahiduzzaman

The star attraction for Malaysian-Indonesian production "Teman Selamanya" will undoubtedly be model-actress Julia Ziegler, who has landed the lead role for the first time in a feature-length film. She will be playing opposite long-time collaborator and close friend Pierre Andre in a romantic comedy directed by Rako Prijanto of "Ungu Violet" fame.

"Teman Selamanya" ("Friends Forever") sees the collaboration of local studios Astro Shaw and Tarantula with Indonesia's 999 Pictures. In "Teman Selamanya", Ziegler, 24, plays Melati, a young Indonesian girl in Jakarta who lives a simple life despite her wealthy family business of selling coffins. According to the starlet via a phone interview, Melati is a kind and charitable girl who understands the suffering of the poor.

As to how the offer came to her, Ziegler said: "It was Metrowealth that actually referred me to the audition of "Teman Selamanya". Since Pierre and I worked together in Metrowealth's "Jangan Tegur" previously, we just tried our luck for the audition. Fortunately, both of us were selected. I guess it was my fluent Indonesian accent during the audition that clinched the role."

Ziegler elaborated that her experience in shooting the Indonesian movie was undeniably a great and unforgettable one. Speaking of her working experience with the crew there, she explained: "The filming style more or less resembles the local scene except that the Indonesian team has a bigger production crew of 150 manpower."

Malaysian-Indonesian joint efforts are nothing new. Recent films include "Bayi Tabung Uji", "Hapuslah Airmatamu", "Mawar Merah" and "Diva".

The Indonesian cast for "Teman Selamanya" include Tora Sudiro, Vincent and Luna Maya. Filming has recently wrapped up after 44 days around Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur and the movie is likely to see wide release next year.

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